Fight the prison guards and try to escape in Hobo 5 game.

Hobo 5

You can move everywhere on the screen, including up and downs, with the arrow keys. This adds a nice perspective to the game and it is certainly helpful once you have to fight four or five people at once. You have to dodge their projectiles and react quickly if you want to beat the game. The A, S and D keys are used for attacking and certain combinations of these keys will result in a special attack. Some of these special attacks are quite messy: puking, spitting and even farting on opponents will drain their health bar. If you are outnumbered, you should try picking up a garbage can or whatever item you see. You can do this by pressing the A key and you can throw the item at your opponents by pressing it again. If you have to run, just double tap a directional key and the hobo will pick up speed. This is not a complex game, but it will get challenging once you start running out of health and multiple enemies happen to walk by. You will have to pay attention and use the right attacks if you want to succeed. If you die, you can use a pass code to restart the level. Hobo 5 is a great side scrolling game: the controls are easy to get used to, the enemies are diverse and the attacks are entertaining.